Gowanda Central School recognizes Students of the Month

Gowanda Central School has selected its students of the month for May. They are as follows:

Paige Mosher, Grade 12, social studies

Mosher was nominated by Daniel Ratel because she is an outstanding student who asks thoughtful questions and always participates in class activities. She is an excellent peer to her classmates and always willing to help out. Mosher participates in many activities outside of school including ice-skating, snowboarding and The Ride for Roswell. She is also a model office student during the school day. She plans to attend JCC for biotechnology in order to work in the medical field. The people who have influenced her the most are her four siblings. They taught her to always keep her head up and to reach for her dreams.

Laura Gurney, Grade 11, ELA

Gurney was nominated by Carol Propp because she has maintained a high 90s average this entire year in English. Her work is always on time and neat. Gurney participates in class discussion, asks valid questions, has managed to keep an organized binder all year and always tries her best on every assignment. Overall, she is a pleasure to have in class. Gurney is an important member of the girls’ bowling team. Although she has a year before graduating, her future plans include art school. She has always loved to draw. The person who influenced her the most was her dad because he has always been there for her.

Gabrielle Lay, Grade 9, LOTE

Lay was nominated by David George-Shongo because she is an outstanding student and has a genuine commitment to learn the language. Lay plays basketball for GCS and plays lacrosse outside of the school. She is still exploring her options for her future but is sure of one thing, and that is that she is going to college and will be getting a good job. The person who influenced her was her sister Fallon because she always helps Gabbie with her work and encourages her to do better.

Sebastian Luther, Grade 12, the arts

Luther was nominated by Heather Rydzik because he is an extremely talented artist. His detail, graphite, and ink work have become very well developed this year. He has made an amazing effort to finish his artwork. He has prepared a remarkable Advanced Placement portfolio and organized an impressive Senior Class Night Art Show. Luther has taken responsibility for his own success. He plans to attend a two-year college where he can explore his career options. His advice to students is to stay in school and be sure to listen to the office staff because they are in charge!

Krystal Haggart, Grade 11, health

Haggart was nominated by Joe Bruening because she does quality work in Health. Haggart is also willing and ready to contribute in class even though she has health 1st period. She runs both cross country and track for GCS. Her future will include a four- year college where her course of study will involve helping others. Her advice to students is to work hard and never give up because it will be worth it in the end.

Christopher Fasso, Grade 10, business

Fasso is a well-deserving candidate who was nominated by Ed Bugenhagen. Fasso consistently demonstrates his skills in the classroom and is always eager to make improvements on his work. His typing skills are at the top of his class and he is always willing to assist other students that are in need of help. Fasso has a great personality and is respectful to those around him. His sense of humor and stories are a positive addition to the classroom. Fasso is also a talented BMXer. After high school he plans to go to college to become a lawyer. He would like people to know that Mr. Bugenhagen has taught him that practice makes perfect.

Michael LiVecche, Grade 10, science

LiVecche was chosen by John Swanson because he provides an excellent example of what it means to have Panther PRIDE. He is always prepared for class, is respectful of teachers and his peers, gets involved, is determined to get his work done, and tries hard. LiVecche does this while holding down a job. When he has missed school, he will come to class during study hall to work on material that he missed so that he doesn’t fall behind. He does all this while maintaining a positive attitude and good sense of humor. LiVecche plays varsity football for Gowanda. After graduating he plans to open a body shop or something that pertains to cars. He will be attending BOCES next year and will study mechanics in preparation for his future. He currently works at Lake Shore Hospital in the kitchen and loves it. He has received certificates of recognition for his diligence and work ethic. He would like to thank his father for being such a positive influence in his life. His father taught him how to be a hard worker.

Georgia Shaw, Grade 9, mathematics

Shaw was recommended by Amy Fantaske because her dedicated work ethic is consistently demonstrated in the classroom. She is eager to learn new concepts and ideas and readily makes up work after she is out. Shaw is a student who sets her sights high and works hard to achieve her goals. She is constantly striving for mastery and is driven to increase her knowledge and to put forth her best effort. Shaw participates in both cheerleading and track and field for GHS. She also takes gymnastics classes. After high school she would like to attend Cornell to study veterinary medicine because she has always enjoyed helping animals. Her advice to students is always be yourself because if you’re not you, no one will know how awesome you really are.

Haley Miller, Grade 12, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a Panther means: being prepared, respectful, involved, determined, and demonstrating excellence. This month’s selection is Haley Miller. When Miller isn’t in class she can be found helping out in the guidance department. Her cheerful disposition along with her positive attitude is what helped her to earn this award. Miller is an award winning member of the Gowanda cheerleaders and helps to coach the Little League cheerleaders. Outside of school her favorite thing to do is to horseback ride. She will be attending Medaille College for veterinary technology because animal care has always been a passion for her. She would like to thank her family for all of their support over the years. Her advice to students is to make the most of high school because it will be over before you know it.