Police urges community to stay off the tracks


OBSERVER City Editor

It’s been an ongoing problem for years – and it’s still illegal for people to trespass on railroad property.

City of Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano talked about the issue during a recent Common Council Public Safety Committee meeting after Councilman Adelino Gonzalez said he has noticed more people walking on railroad tracks. Ortolano said the police department is keeping an eye out for offenders.

“We have a lot of people walking on Norfolk and Southern tracks and they are watching them and rooting them out,” Ortolano added. “It is against the law, it’s trespassing on railroad property, and you cannot walk on or be anywhere on railroad property for any reason at all. The railroads will prosecute. We have an open form with them that they send us every year that they will prosecute if we find people trespassing.

“Unfortunately, as I see it, a lot of times it’s kids, they’re walking back and forth to school. It’s an easy way to walk but it’s not a good idea.”

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