Fickle Mother Nature

The rain didn’t quite materialize, but it may have scared off some potential participants in the second “Park in the Park” classic car show sponsored by the Dunkirk Historical Society. Last year, the weather for the event was sunny and more than 60 cars were on display. This year, the number was about half that in the early afternoon.

Ryan Corbett, a member of the Board of Directors, said, “Mother Nature does not always treat us right. … But I want to thank everyone who donated or came to the event. We will keep trying with this event until it catches on.”

Dunkirk Historical Society president Diane Andrasik added, “This event keeps with our mission of returning Washington Park to the center of city life.”

Although fewer cars were displayed this year, there were many interesting vehicles to see. Owners of the cars happily explained about them and talked to each other.

Kenny Brooks of Dunkirk has a 1956 Chevy Bel Air. He said he has owned it for 36 years. Asked how long he has been working on the car, he said, “I’ve been working on it for 36 years.”

Brooks showed where the gas went into the car, behind the tail light. He also explained that originally the care was yellow and black, but he had it repainted a number of years ago. Now it is gray and maroon.

Sam Mancuso, dressed in a purple outfit, had information about his 1937 Ford Slant back posted on his car. The information noted that 1937 was the first year that headlights were in the fenders and the first year of an all steel roof. He said the car got a new paint job recently. The vehicle is a light purple near the bottom and a darker purple on top.

“I guess you can tell purple is my favorite color,” he said.

John Stonefoot of Fredonia brought his 1972 black Corvette to the show. He’s had the vehicle for 19 years and said work on it is “never ending.” He said he likes to come out to the local shows.

The Untouchables played live music in the gazebo; Tony’s waffles was on site, hot dogs from the Rick’s One Stop were on the grill, and chicken barbecue dinners by Mike Porpiglia were available.

By late afternoon, the sun had decided to shine.

Proceeds from the event will be used to repair the mortar of the Historical Museum.

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