County’s friendly ways appreciated


This is a goodbye letter from a dear friend of Chautauqua and surrounding areas. I’ve been coming here for the last 14 years as a participant in the Division III Golf Tournament held at Chautauqua Golf Club since 2000. I’m retiring and probably will not be back this way.

It breaks my heart to think of what I will miss. Not only the tournament but so many good friends made over the years. Greg Fish of JCC, Troy Moss and the people of the fitness center come to mind.

What wonderful people to know and experience through the sport of golf. But I suppose what I will miss most of all is something one cannot label with a name or place. What I will miss is the spirit of this area. The people whose names I do not know, but whose hearts beat a rhythm that says “peace be unto you” be who you are and enjoy the life you have.

From the first day I arrived and shopped at what was then Quality Foods in Mayville until today, I have felt a peace that is reflected in how the people of this area treat each other. I pray that this peace would be honored by those of you who reside herein and continued for generations to come, for make no mistake about it this is a special place.

Thank you for all you have meant to me and the many teams I have brought to experience what this area has to offer. May your future be as bright as your past and all you are be a beacon to those who have not yet experienced the wonders of this area.


Georgia Military College