Erie County Clerk’s Office offers most current, efficient way to record documents

BUFFALO – Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs is making good on his pledge to bring his office into the “21st Century” by successfully implementing paperless electronic recording technology commonly known as “e-recording.” “This e-recording technology will save time, paper and money for both the person closing on the mortgage and for the government responsible for the recording,” stated Jacobs.

E-Recording means that attorneys and their clients are now able to securely and cost-effectively file documents through a web browser from the comfort, convenience and privacy of their attorney’s office. “All that is needed is a PC, scanner and high speed internet connection,” Jacobs said.

E-Recording was one of the main goals that came out of Jacobs’ “Re-engineering Working Group” that was created when Jacobs first came into office to solve the crisis of unreturned documents and over $3 million dollars of un-cashed checks.

The Reengineering Working Group identified mortgage and mortgage-related documents as constituting the majority of documents filed in the Clerk’s Office so these documents were targeted first for e-Recording. Deeds and associated documents will be accepted soon.

Jacobs believes he will first see this technology utilized by larger financial institutions that process an enormous amount of transactions at the Clerk’s Office.

Jacobs has been pushing technology throughout the Clerk’s office with such other initiatives as electronic filing of court documents, state tax warrants and installing self-serve kiosks in the Auto Bureaus. For more information on how to begin e-recording mortgage and mortgage related documents with the County Clerk’s Office please visit or call 858-8797.