Pine Valley talks building project

SOUTH DAYTON – The building project was a topic of discussion during the Pine Valley Board of Education meeting. There is an option which the Pine Valley Board of Education has to determine in regards to the school’s generator.

The district currently uses a diesel generator but wanted to switch to natural gas. The engineers suggested the district not go with natural gas since there is no guarantee of supply. Superintendent Pete Morgante said there is no guarantee that natural gas will last beyond four years in the future. The district also discussed the option of having a propane farm for the district to use. Larry Zollinger, board member, said the district is in a unique position since there are no utility lines running to the school. Zollinger also suggested the board look at various companies who sell natural gas as an alternative. The district decided to stay with the diesel generator for now, but a formal decision does not need to be made right now. Bids for the project will be opened at the next board meeting and approved at a special meeting on July 1. To oversee the building project, Jerry Williams will serve as clerk to watch over the project. Williams was the previous superintendent of grounds for the district. He was not formally approved at the meeting and will be approved at a later date.

The board also approved and held a reception for teachers receiving tenure. Those who were approved tenure at the meeting were Elisabeth Beaver, Karyl Bergey-Glenn, Melinda Cole, Danielle Lincoln, Sarah Rich and Justina Troutman.

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