Keeping it clean

Just days away from graduation and beginning the rest of their lives, Dunkirk High School seniors took time to help their city out. Nearly 80 students turned out to participate in the 12th Annual Senior Sweep on Thursday to clean up some very visible areas in the city.

Frank Torain and Kim Delgado are the co-advisers for a class that numbers some 130 students.

“It went very well. We went all around the city from Seventh Street all the way down to Lake Shore Drive, down to the beach,” Torain said. “We had a group of kids go to the library and they did some work around the library. We got around the parking lots at Save-A-Lot and Walgreen’s. We went over to Cott and did the parking lot around Cott so we did quite a bit of work.

“They all came out here with such enthusiasm just to do some work for the place that they live. I think they do a great job. It’s probably one of the best classes I’ve been associated with in my time at the high school.”

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Stacy Szukala coordinates the event from the city’s side. This is her second year at the helm.

“I think things went very well this year. We had a lot of trash come back,” she stated. “We had grocery carts, tires, we had some unmentionables again, same as last year, and the kids seem to be in good spirits and having a lot of fun out there. We cleaned up a little bit and we wish them well on the next chapter of their lives.”

Dunkirk Police Officer Denise Zentz has been the school’s resource officer for four years. She said the class has matured a great deal since they were freshmen.

“They started off as immature young freshmen and now they’re turning into nice, fine young adults and we’re very proud of what they did today,” Zentz added.

The president of the Dunkirk High School Class of 2013 is Zach Torain. He was asked for his thoughts on his classmates and their efforts.

“It’s great turnout with all my classmates. We’re just like one big family really, so it was a lot of fun just seeing each other once again before we have our rehearsal, then awards night, and then graduation Saturday,” he replied. “We did a very good job and now we’re going to go finish up across the street from the high school at the little park.”

The president was asked if there was anything he wanted to add about his classmates.

“The Class of 2013 at Dunkirk High School is simply the best that Dunkirk will ever see and we will make our mark in the country and stay positive,” he stated.

Class members will begin making their post-high school lives Saturday after graduation ceremonies.

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