Brocton Central School holds Honor Society Induction

BROCTON – Thirteen students from the junior high and 12 students from the high school were inducted into membership of the Brocton Central School’s National Honor Societies in a candlelight ceremony at Awards Night.

Members were selected by a faculty council for meeting high standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

Students inducted into the S. Gordon Corter Junior Honor Society were: Caitlyn Murphy, Lillyan Fuentes, Kasen Jewell, Logan Kelley, Hope Powell, Jason Caldwell, Daniel Conklin, JonnaMarie Grigelevich, Kaylee Hamm, Jessica Link, Charles Rexford, David Skinner, and Timothy Skinner.

High school students inducted into the Brocton-Portland National Honor Society were: Ryan Nyweide, Courtney Ransom, Matthew Sirgusa, Maria Childs, Jacob Fish, Jessica Merle, Mark Nickerson, Sabrina Ruiz, Kenya Stanton, Derek Walter and Honorary members Anna Haferkemper and Kyoko Inagaki.

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for junior and high school students. Once selected into membership, students are expected to continue their exemplary contributions to the school and community.