Brocton Central School holds Awards Night

BROCTON – The Brocton Central School Awards Night was held recently. Principal Jason Delcamp presented the awards to students in grades six through 12. Boys State Representatives Nash Delcamp and Tyler DeJoe led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Certificates of Honor were given in recognition of students who had excelled in individual subject areas this past year.

High Honor Awards (academic letters or pins) were awarded to: 12th-graders Hannes Baur, Jeremy Eckstrom, Anna Haferkemper, Ryan Mancuso, John Nickerson, Ryan Nyweide, Katherine Putcher, Courtney Ransom, Zephyr Smith, Marcy West; 11th-graders Tyler DeJoe, Jess Delcamp, Nash Delcamp; 10th-graders Maria Childs, Jacob Fish, Antonia Foti, Jessica Merle, Kenya Stanton, Derek Walter; ninth-graders Alec Chelton, Tim Coccarelli, Peter Dolce, Mark Grover, Ryan Johnson, Mikayla Kawski, Jonathan Merle, Madelyn Roberts, Daniel Skinner; eighth-graders Kasen Jewell, Thomas Johnston, Hope Powell; and seventh-graders Daniel Conklin, JonnaMarie Grigelevich, Kaylee Hamm, Jessica Link, Charles Rexford, David Skinner and Timothy Skinner.

Other awards included: the Richie Holliday Award, given to Denali Smith and Daniel Siragusa, who have shown outstanding school and community service; the American Legion Award for outstanding leadership and academic standards presented to Hope Powell and Thomas Johnston; the French Alliance of Buffalo Certificate of Excellence presented to Jacob Fish; the George Eastman Young Leaders Award won by Nash Delcamp for academic achievement and leadership skills; the Bausch and Lomb Science Award given to Tyler DeJoe for excellence in science; the R.I.T. Computing Medal and Scholarship went to Jess Delcamp and Jordon Eckstrom; the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences awarded to Jess Delcamp; the Triple “C” Awards from the New York State Office of the Attorney General for outstanding Character, Courage, and Commitment to school and community were awarded to Brooke Kuschel and Nate VanHout. The Rotary Award was given to John Nickerson, Patrick Bennett, and Ryan Mancuso for academic achievement, community service and character; The Buffalo News Spelling Bee winner was Jennifer Palmer; the second place winner was Dylan Murphy.

The Jamestown Business College Academic Progress Award was presented to Courtney Ransom, Abigayle Malcolm and Kayla Peting. The Outstanding Senior for the JCC College Connections Program was Courtney Ransom and the Outstanding Junior was Nash Delcamp.

Following the award presentation, a dessert reception was held.