Westfield church holds Civil War service

St. Peter’s was excited to have the participants of the Civil War reenactment join the congregation for its recent Sunday Worship Service. Members of the congregation participated in costume as well. The Rev. Virginia Carr re-created the Service from the Civil War era using the 1854 Book of Common Prayer. Her sermon spoke on the hardships and lives of its congregation during that time. It appeared almost ghostly to look out upon the participants and reflect on their former lives. The group learned about William Seward and his affiliation to St. Peter’s. Even though he was a member of the Vestry, he felt himself not worthy to be baptized. He was clear on the cost of being a Christian and what it meant. It would not be until much later that he felt himself ready to commit to a life of service and be baptized. Seward would go on to fight for the freedom, rights, and equality of all people.