Upstate again on losing end


I am writing this letter in response to the two editorials on Page A6 on June 2. Kudos to both of them! It seems to me the people on the Business Council of New York State do not know what they are thinking about or even talking about. What the heck is Upstate New York but a big money spender and a collector of our taxes?

The only politician I barely trust is State Sen. Catharine Young. At least she came to this area to listen to the people.

I do not claim to be the smartest person in the state or the world. But when I make a promise to anyone, I keep it. Not like our politicians, who can’t even remember what they promised during their campaigns.

Take for instance our governor, who cannot maintain a marriage, let alone the state of New York. Do you think that if he went camping, his chauffeur would remember the toilet paper?

In closing, maybe we should let New York City become its own entity. We might not have the problems that we have today. But, of course, New York City doesn’t need us until it comes to votes and money.



More politics

in zoning


It has come to my attention that the town of Portland board is trying to pass a zoning law that would prohibit semi-trailers or truck boxes that are used for storage. This would not only ban future storage units, but would get rid of all units in the town within a year.

Zoning was designed for safety purposes and there is no safety or health risk involved in using a trailer for storage. All too often in our society, politicians try to control our daily lives based on their own personal agendas. More time should be spent on the abandoned infrastructure that is falling down.

These pose safety issues, whereas, storage units do not. If it is a beautification issue, that is a matter of personal opinion.

The people who are complaining about these trailers should think about how it would look if the stuff stored in them was strewn throughout the yard.



NRG rival has ax to grind


Attention, New York state government!

Why would you put the welfare of Western New York and NRG, their dedicated local power company and employer, in the hands of their business rival, National Grid?

NRG has proposed to rebuild, at their own expense, the use of natural gas for power and production, retaining Western New York jobs and local power production.

We all know that the power grid in upstate has been needing upgrades as well for years and New York could fix that as well without killing the local power supply and the jobs.

Let Canada sell their power elsewhere. Buffalo and Western New York can handle our own needs and the state can spend taxpayer dollars where it will benefit New York, not Canada.

And stop listening to arch rival National Grid.