Plan does not lower taxes

Start Up NY, formerly Tax Free NY, is not altogether a bad idea. Our criticism with the approach is that it kicks the can down the road regarding the current problem of the already high tax burden being faced by our region’s property owners and businesses.

Approved last week by state leaders, Start Up NY establishes tax-free zones in areas near universities and colleges throughout New York. Already, Fredonia State has some clout with Albany and this initiative due to its high technology incubator located on Central Avenue in Dunkirk.

Because of this proposal unveiled by the governor last month interest by potential businesses in locating in Western New York, according to some, has increased. That is good news.

But the bad news remains. Current industry, especially those who are struggling, are still being taxed at very high levels. Property owners who have not left the state are still being taxed at very high levels.

We do not oppose tax-free zones. But we are against continued high taxation. This solution, while viable, does not reward those who have been paying taxes for years.