City group has ‘agenda’ as well

What a joke!

Opening my OBSERVER dated June 22, on page 3, I saw the article “CAC holds elections, looking to fill empty seats.” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry! Maybe a little of both.

You see, the last time they cried out for new members, I applied! I believed I had a lot to offer, since I’m so involved with the city, state and federal governments, in obtaining many grant funds.

I stepped outside of the room while voting took place. When I got called back into the room, I got the shock of my life! I was told I was rejected! I asked, for what reason? Answer: “You may come in here with an ‘agenda,’ and try to change our minds to your views.”

Let’s be real! My “agenda” was to ask the CAC Board to ask the Dunkirk Mayor and Council to help us find a grant for recycling – a grant to get money, to send each homeowner a letter, notifying them to also get their renters to start recycling! No fines! We know CAC can only suggest their views and opinions. But they won’t even try! They have lost so many good members over the years. I heard this over the years, and had to see it for myself. What a joke!

I pray that they change their “agenda,” for at this pace they accomplish nothing! We don’t want them to disband, we need them to speak for the residents in Dunkirk! And watch out for us! They are not doing this at this time. What is the problem?

P.S. I would have filled the Fourth Ward seat!

Valerie Pawlak is a Dunkirk resident.