City Zoning Board approves sign

The city of Dunkirk’s Zoning Board of Appeals gave permission for Brooks Memorial Hospital to install a sign at property located at 501 Central Ave. The sign will be installed on an angle and will be visible from either Central Avenue or West Fifth Street.

The request was originally denied by letter of June 13. After the denial the hospital exercised its right to an appeal.

The date was set and surrounding property owners were notified by mail of the date and the time of the hearing. The letter specified the articles and sections of the zoning code that the request violated. It explained the proposed signage would not meet the minimum 20 foot front yard setback requirement. The letter also asked any property owner who had objections to appear at the hearing.

No one appeared at the hearing except representatives of the hospital; Chief Executive Officer Jarrod Johnson and Safety and Security Officer Frank Schneider.

Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals Robert Bankoski questioned the representatives about the sign. Documentation specifies that the sign will be 8 feet wide and 8 feet, seven and a half inches long. The sign is about 18 inches thick. The fence at the site is 4 feet high. The sign will be placed in front of the fence and will extend above it.

Bankoski asked if the sign would place restrictions on vision of motorists at the intersection, and was told no.

Timothy and Dorothy Vercant of 98 Frazier St. requested permission to construct a shade arbor in the front yard of their residence. Their request was denied by letter of June 11.

Letters were sent to neighbors of the Vercants. The grounds for denial was that the proposed construction would not meet the minimum 30 feet yard setback.

The Vercants were present and although none of the neighbors appeared, the couple presented a letter of support from Luciano Raimondo. who owns a neighboring building.

After the questions the board deliberated briefly and voted to allow both the sign requested by Brooks Hospital and the shade arbor requested by the Vercants.

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