Laughing and working together

No one can say I lead a dull life. I’m going to tell you a story to make you laugh at my expense. Monday morning I was sick! I had such bad cramps in my stomach and I had symptoms of the flu. I had to go to the emergency room. They got things under control and let me go home. I was better, but not normal. The next morning I looked all over for my glasses and couldn’t find them. I wear them around my neck and I figured they had fallen.

When I got ready for my shower, I took off my sweatshirt and there were my glasses! I had left my sweatshirt on because I was cold. I felt so silly. Every time I thought of it, I laughed. I hope you laughed too. Now I’ll tell you how good things happen.

I was sitting on my porch and a huge tour bus pulled into the White Inn. I figured I could get some good information from the driver. He was standing by an open door. I introduced myself and told him I was interested in promoting tourism. Where did he come from and who put the tour together? Where did they go? The bus company put the tour together or a hotel can approach the bus company. They were from Cleveland. They had gone to the library, a winery, and at night, they were going to the Bach and Beyond festival at the Opera House. How nice! He said he loved coming to this area. It was so fresh and clean!

Later, I talked to a couple walking by and found out they had driven from Ontario to see the Bach festival. Give them a reason to come, and they will come. Can we put on some talent shows? I’m thinking of all the talented high school kids who perform in the musicals. They are good! I’ve heard some Dunkirk soloists, too. Surely, there must be males and females talented in many areas. Also, we need a director. I can’t do a lot of physical things I used to do; I can think and organize, but that means I need help. Needless to say, I can’t do anything by myself.

Now, let’s leave the field of musical talent and go into the world of computers. After talking to that bus driver and the Canadians I wanted somebody to look up all the bus companies there are within a radius of 100 miles and find out where the hotels are. When are the dead spots in the calendar that we can fill in? This includes everyone from Ripley to Jamestown. Does the tourism commission already have this information? Out of all the things that I organized and were successful, it was the helpers that made me look good. Gracia Nash and Pat Peters were wonderful. And then when we started the Italian festivals, the talented people came out of the woodwork. We got the prisoners from Brocton to set up the tables and chairs that SUNY Fredonia let us use for free. Charlie Sturniolo and his boys were great! Dorothy Janczak and Jo Christopher were always there from beginning to end. We gave Nick Battestelie his start becoming a real professional singer. We gave him his first paycheck for singing. The rest is history and now we have the opportunity to give new people a chance. I’m sure you know talented people out there and just maybe there’s someone out there who is retired and is a whiz with the computer. This can be a male or female. I don’t bite. And you won’t have to report it to the IRS! Ha. Be a good sport and laugh about it! Volunteers have common sense and a good sense of humor.

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments on this column to