Dense fog blamed in Stockton crash

STOCKTON – Two people were left with minor injuries after a two-car accident on Kelly Hill Road in the town of Stockton Friday morning.

According to the New York State Police at Fredonia, around 7 a.m., Ronald Link, 69, of Stockton, was traveling northbound on Kelly Hill Road when he attempted to make a lefthand turn into his driveway. Due to limited sight distance and visibility caused by the character of the road, as well as fog, Link could not see southbound on the roadway and drove into the path of Edward Nickerson, 32, of Fredonia.

Nickerson was traveling south and had just come up from a dip in the roadway and cleared the hill crest when he struck Link’s vehicle. Nickerson’s passenger, Wendy Nickerson, 25, complained of back pain after the accident. She was taken to Brooks Memorial Hospital, along with Link, who suffered minor bleeding to the head. Edward Nickerson did not complain of any injuries after the accident.

The Fredonia and Stockton fire departments also assisted.