Trash was ‘insult’ to village


I was walking through town the other day and I couldn’t help but take notice of all the garbage scattered around. The amount of trash wasn’t fatally high, but it did dominate my attention.

Personally, I find it ridiculous to see any litter at all. There are public trash cans all the way down Main Street, which means there is absolutely no reason a single wrapper should be found on the grass. Maybe there’s a factor involved; the high school year has just ended and the students no doubt feel a sense of liberation. But just because one feels happy to start a vacation doesn’t permit oneself to break the law. Whoever decided to throw away a pack of hallway passes out their bus window, I’m telling you now that was an insult to not just yourself but to the entire community.



Network shows ignorance


Once again the liberal news network has done it again. The ABC network, which stands for American Broadcasting Corp., apparently told its reporters not to wear the American flag or to show any type of patriotism, they are not to show any pins or anything that represents the American flag on their clothing. Their reasons being they claim are that ABC should remain neutral.

But what I don’t understand is to remain neutral from what? These highly paid executives who make millions of dollars from this country would not be making anything if their network was state-owned like in Russia, China or any other dictatorship. They seem to forget the thousands of lives that were sacrificed for this flag and this country. So I say we as real Americans should boycott these idiots and their anti-American ideas and they should change their name from ABC to the Communist Broadcasting Corp.

I think more veterans should also boycott these idiots and show these overpaid un-American idiots who they really are, Communists of America.



Erie a part

of war history


We at the Jefferson Educational Society were thrilled to see the article on Mrs. Susan Wells’ class at Fredonia Elementary. This type of creativity by teachers is exactly why we commissioned the Victory books she used and the Perry 200 “History in the Schools” project, which were used by teachers in more than 60 public and parochial schools, 271 teachers and more than 10,000 students in Erie County, Pa.

Erie will be host to the Tall Ships Festival Sept. 5 to 8 and will dedicate a memorial to Perry and Daniel Dobbins, our local citizen who was instrumental in getting President Madison to allocate the money to build the fleet in Presque Isle Bay.

We hope people from the Dunkirk-Fredonia region to come to Erie to share our many events in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. The full schedule can be found on our website, .

We also have additional Victory books available for your area teachers and residents. These are available at no charge. Anyone interested, can contact me at the Jefferson Educational Society.

Thank you again for highlighting Mrs. Wells exciting project.


Perry 200 coordinator,

Jefferson Educational Society,

Erie, Pa.

Many helped in Senior Sweep


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making the 12th annual Dunkirk Senior Sweep a success.

The following businesses made donations: G&E Tents, Pizza Village, Pizza Hut, P*Dubs, Sweet Perfections, Paper Factory, Chautauqua Fitness, Sullivan’s Charbroil, Big Lots, Tops, Robo Enterprises, Tina’s Hallmark, Fieldbrook Foods and Tim Hortons.

I would also like to thank the Boys and Girls Club, Frank Torrain, Kim Delgado, Charmaine Moreland, Steve O’Brien, Police Chief Dave Ortolano, School resource Officer Denise Zentz, Donna Keith, Edna Sek, Skeeter Tower, Mr. and Mrs. Hollander, Mark Woods and Tom Mleczko.

Best wishes to the Dunkirk High School Class of 2013!


Dunkirk council member,

Senior Sweep organizer