Layoffs become reality at CVCS


OBSERVER Staff Writer

Although the Cassadaga Valley Central School district passed its budget, the budget included plans to abolish 6.2 full time equivalent teachers/staff and 14 non-instructional personnel. Some of the teachers’ positions did not require layoff due to retirement.

At the recent board meeting, the numbers became attached to specific positions and names. There were 25 different personnel items, passed with one motion and no discussion.

Actions concerning elimination of positions are as follows:

Joshua Gilevski, who had been a guidance counselor at Sinclairville Elementary School before becoming principal of Cassadaga Elementary School for the last year, resigned from the guidance position. A guidance position was abolished. Gilevski was appointed to a position of Director of Special Programs and Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 1 effective July 1. The upcoming school year will be the second year of a three-year probationary period. That means the year he served as principal at Cassadaga Elementary, applies to his term for tenure.

Ronnette Riforgiat was granted tenure in the area of Special Education effective Sept. 1. However, she was laid off effective June 30 because Kristine Merrill, who was laid off in the elementary tenure area, had rights to the Special Education area and was appointed. Riforgiat was appointed to a long term substitute position in Special Education.

Another full-time and a part-time position in the elementary tenure area were abolished. Jessica Emmott and Christine Krenzer were least senior in the area and therefore permanently laid off effective June 30.

A full-time nurse position was abolished and Mary Moore as least senior school nurse was placed on permanent layoff effective June 30.

One full-time custodian position was abolished and Anthony Johnson as least senior custodian was placed on permanent layoff effective June 30.

One full-time typist position and one part time typist position were abolished. Teresa VanHouten and Rhonda Gross, as least senior, were permanently laid off effective June 30.

A full-time cook position was abolished. Wendy Imm as least senior cook was placed on permanent layoff effective June 30.

A part-time position as food service helper/cashier was abolished. Charlene DeChard as least senior was placed on permanent layoff effective June 30.

Seven part-time teacher aide positions were abolished. Lori Johnson, Michelle Consla, Patricia Smith, Darlene Gilbert, Bonnie Sullivan, Rebecca Kofod and Cheryl Logan as least senior were placed on permanent layoff effective June 30.

The following items relate to appointments made:

A part-time position (.60 full time equivalent) in the secondary mathematics area was increased to full-time. Ricardo Hammond who served as part-time mathematics teacher will be increased to full-time effective July 1.

Debra McAvoy, current Business Administrator, was given a contract for six years (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2019).

Robert Gilkinson was granted permanent status in the position of Transportation Supervisor effective June 13.

Numerous appointments were made for extra-curricular positions – including class advisors, clubs and organizations and coaching positions for fall sports for the 2013-2014 school year.

Joshua Schauman was appointed Fitness Center Attendant effective July 1.

Brandon Sweet, Joshua Atwell and Kyle Ruge were approved for temporary assignments for summer (June 24 through Aug. 30) as student employees in the buildings and grounds department under the direction of Thomas Zanghi, Director of Buildings and Grounds. They will be paid $7.25 per hour and work approximately 32 hours per week for seven weeks.

Daniel Pavlock, incoming board member, attended the meeting and at the request of board member William Carlson introduced himself. Carlson thanked Pavlock as well as Sandra Baker for running for the board and giving district residents a choice.