Honor Roll: Helping out with care

Six thousand three hundred hours. That was the amount of time volunteered by more than 70 people for the Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York.

A luncheon was recently held in their honor at the Colony Restaurant with those who assisted receiving honors and gifts. “We thank you for sharing your time and your talents to help us deliver the highest quality of care to our friends, families and community neighbors,” said Linda Summers, chief operating officer at Lake Shore Health Center.

Volunteers recognized for their service during the past year included: Barb Bajdas, Joanna Banach, Bonnie Beuglass, Jean Bracken, Anita Brown, Dorrine Burrows, Phyllis Buvoltz, Mildred Chiappone, Josie Crino, Neil Dempsey, Lena Elliott, Flo Ferrino, Al Fix, Marietta Godbey, Frances Grates, Ruby Green, Gerald Haase, Marian Hagen, Nancy Hargrave, Corrine Heid, Nancy Held, Mary Holton, Elaine Hotelling, Louise Howe, Bonnie Krall, Josie Lautenslaker, Joan Lawton, Sarah Lesch, Barb McCroskey and George McCroskey.

Lynn McLeod, Dorothy Miniri, Nancy Neibel, Ed Newman, Jane Osborne, Cathy Pagett, Sylvia Peterson, Sandy Pilgrim, Betty Poole, Maria Romesburg, Thelma Saden, Denise Schwab, John Scott, Elaine Sinden, Donna Strand, Carmen Tampio, Betty Tell, Helen Thauer, Harold Tooley, Dorothea Tooley, Barb Villafranca, Reha Vogt, Joyce Wallum, Mary Ann Watson, Vicki Westling, Jean Wilt, Cindy Wlodarek, Donald Woleben, Denise Workley, Jackie Wrigley and Stella Zielinski.

Our tip of the hat as well.