Twenty years ago – 1993

The Pepsi-Cola Co., which has about a third of the domestic soft-drink market, launched a media blitz today with newspaper ads to reassure consumers that its needle-in-the-can scare is over. The company declared complaints of objects such as hypodermic needles, syringes, a crack cocaine vial, screws and a bullet being found in Diet Pepsi cans to be a hoax. Meanwhile, police arrested people all over the country for falsely claiming they had found dangerous objects in their drinks.

Thirty years ago – 1983

At a recent Brocton-Portland Civic Association meeting, this year’s winners of annual awards were announced. Joseph Barreca of Brocton is the recipient of the Outstanding Citizen Award and David Miller of Miller’s Market, Portland will receive the Outstanding Merchant Award. The awards will be presented during the Brocton-Portland Summer Fest ’83.

Forty years ago – 1973

At the Colony Restaurant in Irving, the National Business and Professional Women’s Club presented the Silver Creek chapter with second place for the civic participation entry made by Dorothy Mangano.

Fifty years ago – 1963

Among seven county YMCA youths selected to attend the 10th National Hi-Y Congress in Northfield, Minn., are Sheryl Howard, 275 Temple St., Fredonia and Linda Taddio, 77 Howard St., Fredonia.