Silver Creek board tables smoke-free parks proposal

SILVER CREEK – After 10 months, the Silver Creek Village Board was still not ready to take action Monday night on making village parks smoke-free.

Trustee Ben Peters, who was put in charge of the matter, said he wanted to see the board take action at that night’s regular board meeting since the planning board had heard a presentation on the matter and a majority were in favor.

He also encouraged the board to ask any questions of Tri-County Tobacco Free Program Director Laurie Adams.

Adams then gave the board some general information, what signs would look like and encouraged them to take action.

“We are not targeting smokers – we are targeting smoke, which contains 7,000 carcinogens in every breath of second-hand smoke inhaled,” she said.

Sandra Lindstrom reported three of the five members of the planning board were in attendance for the presentation and one emailed a favorable opinion on the matter. She said only one member had concerns with the types of signs that would be put up.

Trustee Thomas Harmon asked how making the park smoke-free would affect those patronizing the beer and wine tent at the Festival of Grapes.

“I know a lot of people like to drink their beer and leave the tent to smoke. That is a big revenue-maker for us. Won’t those people be upset?” he asked.

Melissa Shaw, the resident who brought forth the matter last October, pointed out not all those who drink, smoke and those who don’t will be happy not to breathe it in.

Harmon said he was just bringing it up for discussion but does not oppose making the parks smoke-free.

Mayor Nick Piccolo said he is also not opposed but wanted to receive a formal recommendation from the planning board before action is taken.

The board voted to table the action item on the agenda to be brought up again soon. Trustee Warren Kelly was the only one to vote against tabling the action.

“I am 100 percent for this. I didn’t want to table it because I thought we had enough positive information. I wanted to see it done tonight,” he said after the meeting.

Kelly also reported he interviewed a qualified candidate for the code officer position in the village. No action was taken to hire the candidate.

Piccolo read a letter from Petri Baking Products stating layoffs would commence June 28 with 23 employees retained for the final closure of the plant.

Piccolo also gave a report on the waterline replacement project, saying phase two is nearly complete and phase three is on schedule. He also said the county will begin work on the stream bank protection project behind the sewer plant at the end of July, which was made possible by former-trustee Amy Romanik who applied for the grant.

The board also honored the Anderson-Lee Library for its 50th anniversary, declaring July as “Visit Your Local Library Month.”

The next village board meeting will be held July 15.