Brocton assesses damage

BROCTON – Village of Brocton officials were thankful no one was hurt in Friday’s flooding, but acknowledged many creekside properties suffered damage as a result.

At Tuesday’s village board meeting, several residents attended to ask what would be done about damage after the flood.

“Is anything going to be done to control the flooding that happened this past Friday? And right behind my house it tore out a lot of the banks, so I was wondering if the village or the town or the federal government is going to do anything about that?” resident Linda DiPalma asked.

Another resident also complained about the creek bank, saying although his waterline, which runs under the creek, was undamaged it is now vulnerable.

Mayor David Hazelton said officials from the state office of emergency management will be out next week to assess the damage. He said after that assessment, the board will know better what it can do but said not to count on them rebuilding the banks.

“We certainly had an unexpected situation but we will follow up on it,” Hazelton promised.

The resident also asked whose responsibility it is to clear trees felled by the flood. Hazelton said it is the residents’ responsibility.

Streets Supervisor Thomas Allen said County Emergency Services Director Julius Leone has requested the village go to his office Monday to meet with SEMO and federal emergency management agency officials before they assess the damage in Brocton, Portland and Pomfret.

Allen said no village roads were damaged, only county highways. He said the filter plant driveway was also washed out in addition to the water main at the Ellicott Estates trailer park which needed to be patched.

Fire Chief Brian Woleben thanked all those who responded to help the village in their time of need.

Clerk Karen Ardillo thanked Trustee Gary Planty for staying at the village hall Friday to help answer the phone and also the fire department for “everything that you guys do.”

Trustee Art Donovan thanked the village crew and the fire department for the long hours and hard work put in during the flood.

The next village board meeting will be held July 17.