Dunkirk CAC wonders about landlord-tenant agreements

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee had some questions in regard to properties in the city. The CAC wondered where the landlord-tenant agreement stood at its monthly meeting.

Former Councilwoman Rose Floramo started work on a landlord-tenant agreement but when she resigned, the matter was taken over by her successor, Councilman William Rivera. Rivera stated previously at a personnel committee meeting in January, this issue was one of his goals for 2013. The agreement would set guidelines and policies for both landlords and tenants within the city. CAC Chair Donna Keith said she was unsure of any movement.

“I haven’t heard nothing at all. No meetings or anything …,” Keith said. “The landlords and the tenants they should have some sort of agreement.”

Paulette Pacos, CAC member, said she has heard residents complaining about neighbors, mostly renters, who are inconsiderate.

“I heard from people that live next to homes that are being rented …. because the owners are not really sure of what is going on. There are people who are throwing trash over the fences … they can’t enjoy their backyards because of the neighbors,” Pacos said.

Pacos also suggested looking at other municipalities in the county to see how they handle the issue and what their codes say. She also suggested going to a council meeting to ask Common Council about the issue and taking residents to share their personal stories. Code Enforcement Officer Allan Zurawski will attend the next meeting on July 10 to answer questions.

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