Anderson-Lee Library plans 50th anniversary event

SILVER CREEK – The public is invited to a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Anderson-Lee Library in Silver Creek on Saturday, July 13, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Festivities will include a children’s magic show, door prizes, a historical display, and the dedication of a plaque recognizing the service of our library directors. The library will also select the winners of four “patron appreciation” gift baskets currently on display in the library. Light refreshments will be served throughout the day.

The Anderson-Lee Library opened at its current location at 43 Main St. on July 14, 1963. A campaign was launched in 1959 for the new library building, as the former library, located 500 feet down Main Street near the Presbyterian Church, was in a dilapidated state. The library director at the time, Mrs. Gunnar Lindstrom, described the old structure (which was opened in 1924 as the Lee Library) as “rickety,” and commented that “We actually have to tread softly for fear the ceiling will come down on our heads.” The former library has since been demolished. In 1964, the Lakeshore News wrote a glowing report on the new library with the headline: “Anderson-Lee Library One of Finest in State.”

The library continues to have a great deal to be proud of. Since opening in 1963, the library has undergone many improvements including the installation of a computer lab and a children’s computer center, automation of the library’s catalog and circulation system, handicapped accessibility, interior renovations, improved energy-efficient lighting, a new roof, window tinting, and an excellent collection of current print, video, and audio-book materials. The library has recently been awarded a New York State Building Construction Grant to construct a new technology classroom with a SmartBoard and 15 laptop computers, as well as to install a new energy-efficient furnace. These projects will provide a comfortable environment where the community can come to learn how to use new technologies and other valuable skills.

For more information, call 934-3468.