Hose Company No. 1 celebrates 147 years of service

Dunkirk Hose Company No. 1 recently held its 147th annual banquet at the Fireside Manor.

Co-chairmen were company president David Van Wey and financial secretary Richard Titus. The head table consisted of invited guests, including Dunkirk Mayor Anthony Dolce, Fourth Ward Councilwoman Stacy Szukala and her husband Robert, master of ceremonies David Buck and his wife, Van Wey and his wife, and guest speaker Robert Frank and his wife.

This was a very special banquet as there were four 60-year members in attendance. These included Robert Michalski, Leonard Schrantz, Robert Teclaw and Carl Waterman. These four members were honorary chairmen for the banquet. Also honored were three 30-year members: Todd Ellman, Gary Haase and Van Wey.

The honorees were asked to give brief stories of their most remembered experiences as members of the company. The stories brought several moments of laughter from all in attendance.

Frank’s talk focused on the work and updating being done at the James J. Murphy Firemen’s Training Grounds on Brigham Road. The grounds are the only major firefighting training facility in Northern Chautauqua County and will be available to serve all departments in the area.

Officers for the 2013-14 year include Vice President Buck; Recording Secretary Lenore Roof; Treasurer Robert Dopler; Trustees Larry Wollert, Teclaw, Frank Levandoski; Sgt. at Arms Gerald Newman; Asst. Sgt. at Arms James Briggs; Delegates to the Dunkirk Volunteer Fireman’s Association Van Wey; Teclaw, Wollert and Titus.

Dunkirk Hose Company No. 1 is proud to have served the City of Dunkirk for 147 years, and is preparing for its 150th continuous year as a volunteer fire company as a member of the Dunkirk Fire Department.