Sisters make donation to Lakeshore Humane Society

The Lakeshore Humane Society has announced the funding of a large chain-link outdoor exercise area, as well as two cat condos, in memory of Susan M. Blackmore who passed away on Jan. 18. A donation of $10,000 was received from Blackmore’s sisters, Jean Blackmore of Fredonia and Mary Anne Herrera-Jansons of Chicago. “Susie,” as she was known to loved ones, had a lifelong devotion to animals, especially cats and dogs, and it can be truly said that she never met one she didn’t like.

Blackmore’s sisters offered this statement: “While Sue can no longer hug the animals or care for them herself, we realize that through this gift to the Lakeshore Humane Society, many more of her ‘critters’ will receive comfort in a nourishing and safe environment. She would have wanted that. She is smiling now.”