Johnson criticizes administration for recent fumble

Ron Johnson, Chautauqua County Democratic and Independence endorsed candidate for County Executive, has expressed criticism of the county’s failure to bring Saturn Pet Care and its 125 jobs to the county.

“A Ron Johnson administration will better communicate with companies looking to invest in our county. We need to be aware of corporate needs so that we clear the way for new job producers,” Johnson said. “We need a fresh new direction for county job creation. The current county administration was simply not prepared for this opportunity to bring new jobs to our county and we cannot afford to lose any more potential investments like this.”

According to reports, Saturn Pet Care had already begun to hire people in Jamestown and had plans to invest $20 million into updating the old AFA foods facility in Ashville. The company reportedly planned to bring 125 jobs to the county.

“This County government has been asleep when it comes to development, especially industrial development, in the region. If our current Industrial Development Agency continues to fail to clear the way for new companies, we will continue to lose out on future business opportunities and jobs for our citizens. I promise that job creation will be my number one focus as County Executive. I promise to put my job creation experience to work for this County,” concluded Johnson

Johnson is the owner and operator of the Fredonia-based Johnson Adult Homes. He was the lead developer of Fredonia Place and has turned around five different assisted living facilities in New York and Florida. Johnson is a combat veteran of the Vietnam conflict, former Pomfret Town Justice and a retired Chautauqua County deputy sheriff.