Charlotte councilman thanks those who helped improve ballpark

CHARLOTTE CENTER – Children in Charlotte have an improved park in which to play, and Charlotte Town Councilman Daniel Pavlock wants to thank all those who helped.

Pavlock and Councilwoman Varsi Peterson serve on the parks committee for the town.

“Each year coaches and parents of the teams that play at the softball field asked us to do a few things at the park. One year the request was for bleachers, a fence, new bases and a few other things. We put up a fence and replaced the bases. I mentioned at a board meeting that we were looking for some bleachers,” he said.

The OBSERVER wrote a report of that meeting, mentioning the request.

Pavlock continued, “The next day a gentleman from Dunkirk called me and donated two sets of bleachers. The county hauled the bleachers over to the park for us and we rebuilt them and they work perfect.”

The Dunkirk Little League donated the bleachers after replacing some of the local bleachers.

The following year the request was for some sort of storage and concession stand. Pavlock asked Ken Balling, Cassadaga Valley Central School shop teacher if he and his class would be interested in constructing the building.

“Ken stated that the kids love completing these sheds and that it is a good hands-on class assignment that teaches the kids how to build something,” said Pavlock.

Balling and Pavlock worked together on the plans for the building and came up with a list of materials needed. Pavlock approached Fredrickson Builders Supply in Cassadaga and B & L Wholesale of Jamestown. Fredrickson donated lumber while B & L donated doors, windows, roofing and siding. Both businesses delivered the materials to the school.

After the class finished constructing the building, Ken Morely from Chautauqua Self Storage moved the building from the school to the park free. Charlotte Councilman Henry Harper is going to wire the building.

The park also has new paving for the tennis and basketball courts and stones have been placed on the access to the ball field.

Pavlock summarized, “The coaches are happy and the town board will keep delivering what coaches and parents ask for with the help of the community’s residents and businesses.”

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