Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


ROYAL RESPONSE – Last week we ran an article about a Westfield man who sent Queen Elizabeth II of England a get-well letter and later received a response from Lady-in-Waiting Susan Hussey which said the Queen wanted her to write and thank William Howard Field for his letter. Apparently Field isn’t the only local person to get a response from the Queen’s office. Tyler Silagyi of Cherry Creek has written the Queen himself and received a response – twice. “One was a personal letter and the second was in response to one that I had written to the Queen about her Diamond Jubilee,” Silagyi told the OBSERVER. It’s good to know that the Queen not only cares about citizens in her own country but her fans worldwide.

FABULOUS FIREWORKS – Admit it. Late Thursday afternoon if you live in the Northern Chautauqua County area, you had your doubts if Dunkirk would be able to hold its fireworks on Independence Day. But by night, the weather held off enough so that the show was able to go on. Once again, it was a fabulous fireworks display. If you missed it, click on this article at and find a link of the finale. It’s not quite the same watching it on line as it is in real life, but at least you’ll get a taste of what it was like.

PROUD PARADERS – Last year just a few minutes into the Fourth of July parade, the skies opened up and it rained quite heavily, causing the majority of the parade to be canceled. This year, the gray skies looked like there might be a repeat. But after a few raindrops, the parade was still able to continue. There may have been some acts that declined to march because of the threat of rain, but for the most part it seems everyone was able to attend and march.


SENSELESS DEATH – Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Laurence C. “Larry” Wells II. Wells served as an assistant manager at Toys R Us in Hamburg when he was murdered June 29th. Born in Dunkirk, he was a Pine Valley Central School and SUNY Fredonia graduate. No arrests have been made yet. Police are continuing their investigation. Wells leaves behind a wife and a daughter. He was laid to rest on Thursday.