Dunkirk student has chess success

Tiffany Jager of Dunkirk was awarded the David W. Mc Duffie PawnMaster Top Female Award for her performance during the 2013 Boston – Texas Strong Scholastic Tournament. The award was donated and presented by the Mc Duffie Family in memory of their younger brother, known as the “PawnMaster,” who died in August 2012 in Baltimore, Md.

Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell W. Whitfield Jr. and the Archangel 8 Chess Academy, an official affiliate of the US Chess Federation, are celebrating more than 13 years of Enrichment Youth Chess programs in Western New York. Founder Michael A. Mc Duffie hosts a monthly Scholastic Chess Tournament. The monthly format is designed to allow new and developing scholastic players to play four chess games, no elimination, with a digital chess clock, games every hour held in a formal organized family friendly environment with trophies, medals and awards.

Tiffany went on to participate in another chess tournament in Pittsburgh, the 53rd Golden Triangle Open. She played the Reserve Under 1800 section and won first place in the under 1400 division.

Tiffany also competed in the seventh annual Buffalo International Chess Championships. She is a student at Dunkirk High School, starting her junior year in the fall.