Water district: Village must quit stalling

Though our county has plenty of it with a Great Lake on our western border, water remains a contentious issue in this region.

And despite some skepticism from this corner last spring, the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp. has been a bright spot over the past 15 months, making a difference in moving toward a north county water district. Currently the group is finding support for a consolidated funding application. Most municipalities are on board – with one exception: Fredonia.

The village needs to quit stalling. Its poor record on water problems is second to only Forestville in this area. On top of that, the village is supplying portions of the town of Pomfret water district. A good move, but what happens in the next drought?

As we saw in the summer of 2012, village officials were in the dark about its water department tapping into city supplies. The net result? A $98,000 surprise bill.


Fredonia, through its connection to Dunkirk, is already part of a regional water system. But not being a part of the Chadwick Bay plan is petty, stubborn and selfish.

The village is a regional water user. It needs to go a step further and partner with Chadwick Bay.

Not doing so is an insult to the neighboring communities who already have signed on.