Twenty years ago – 1993

Edna Harter of Lily Dale has returned to her home after being hospitalized after an electrifying experience this past weekend. During a recent thunderstorm, Mrs. Harter, who is 78, put her hand on a water faucet as she was brushing her teeth. A bolt of lightning hit a tree near her home, traveled through the roots, then through the ground water to the water pipes and up to the faucet. She couldn’t let go of the faucet and she felt like her whole body was electric as the power kept building and building. Her ankles felt like they were surrounded by flames and it felt as if she was being singed under her skin. Once the electric surge subsided, she had trouble breathing.

Thirty years ago – 1983

In an OBSERVER photo, 9-year-old Lisa Emery smiles bravely as she reaches safety after a 60-foot fall into the Chautauqua County Gorge at Westfield. Lisa and a friend were playing along the steep bank when it gave way. Lisa went all the way to the bottom, landing near Chautauqua Creek. The other girl, Kathy Gallagher, hung on to a branch near the top. Westfield Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Squad members brought Lisa to safety on a stretcher.

Forty years ago – 1973

Key Club Lt. Gov. Don Tramuta, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tramuta, 138 West Fifth St., Dunkirk is attending the 30th Key Club International Convention in Chicago. He is representing Silver Creek, Jamestown and Cardinal Mindszenty high schools.

Fifty years ago – 1963

New 36 by 24-inch metal, night-reflecting “City of Dunkirk” signs have been erected at the east and west boundaries of Dunkirk through the city’s traffic division headed by Lt. Clemens Lutz.