Growing with Music offering classes for young children

Growing with Music Together is offering a short series of music classes for very young children and their caregivers. The classes meet once a week for four weeks during July and demonstrate the many ways that music aids in the overall development of babies, toddlers and young children. Classes are held at Barlow’s Mill, 369 W. Main St. in Fredonia.

For most adults, music class is something they experienced in elementary or middle school, perhaps singing in a chorus or playing an instrument, most often in a formal performance setting. Music class for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers is a whole new experience. This kind of class is informal learning through play and everyone, of any age, incorporates their individual skill levels into the musical experiences at hand.

There’s singing, moving, playing hand percussion instruments; there’s social and self learning, how to relate in a group setting on a variety of levels, and caregivers learn more about their child’s approach to learning. Children grow in emotional self-regulation, the ability to focus, to sing on pitch and keep a steady beat. And parents learn more about how their child learns while gaining confidence in being musical themselves.

All in all, Music Together Family Favorites Summer Demo Session is a win-win whether the caregiver who brings the child to class is a grandparent, parent or nanny, there’s learning and fun, and special bonds among class members.

Registrations are being taken at Barlow’s Mill. Call 673-9020 to receive a registration flyer or go to the music page at Information is also available at Facebook: Growing with Music.