Library ‘Rumpus’

SILVER CREEK – Most people think that a library is a tame place, but the Anderson-Lee Library in Silver Creek recently hosted a “Wild Thing Rumpus.” as part of its after school program.

The popular picture story book “Where the Wild Things Are” written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak was read to the children. Written in 1963, the book received a Caldecott Medal for the best picture story book of that year. It continues to be extremely popular with children for both its imaginative story and illustrations.

A simple story, it tells of Max, dressed in a wolf outfit. His mother sends him to his room and he travels to where the wild things are.

After reading the book, the children were invited to create a wild thing mask. Cerenti Pleuger, 7, held up her creation, a red mask that easily covered her face. She chose to show a tongue in a bright yellow mouth.

Pointing to the jewel-like stones she clued near where the cheeks of her wild thing would be she said, “These represent passion.”

Nora Pantaro glued yarn on her mask, carefully crafting her idea of wild thing. Meanwhile, Cathy Hamlet supervised her 2-year-old granddaughter Chloe Tytka, while Damien Evans, 10, worked nearby. Chloe’s sister, Eva’s creation was more domestic than wild. She created a face that looked remarkably like a puppy.

Leif Meyer who said he was “nine almost 10” used a variety of materials including feathers, cloth, and pipe cleaners to meticulously create his idea of a wild thing. Meanwhile his mom Jill worked with his younger brothers Elijah, 7, Vigo, 4, and Percival.

The young artists were treated to snacks, and then marched through the library for their Wild Thing Rumpus.

The summer reading program is now in full swing. Check with the Anderson-Lee Library to pick up a schedule of events.

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