Hanover board backs regional water resolution

HANOVER – Although the Hanover Town Board had doubts a north county regional water system would greatly benefit the town, it decided to support the project in a resolution Monday.

Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corp. Director Kathy Tampio attended the meeting to explain the resolution and answer any questions.

She said the resolution of support is to have the county become lead agent and apply for grant funding.

She said if Hanover were to participate in the regional water district it would be a similar situation to the one it has now with the Erie County Water Authority, but it would be governed differently.

She added it will be more cost effective to join at the beginning and explained any debt for the project would be paid by water users, not with taxes, just like with a town water district.

Tampio also said the county legal team is prepared to negotiate with ECWA on Hanover and Silver Creek’s contracts which bind them for another seven years.

The town board was a little skeptical both of negotiating with ECWA and of a lower cost for water.

“I am hesitant to think the lawyers can get anywhere fighting this contract. What else is in it for the town?” Councilman Fritz Seegert asked.

Tampio said this could serve as a backup if ECWA has problems supplying water. She also said conservative projections are water will cost $2 per 1,000 gallons, where the town now pays just under $3 per 1,000 gallons.

“Hanover is in a unique situation in this because we are not water producers; we are in a good place to buy water from another source. In general we support this but we are in a different situation,” Councilman Kevin O’Connell said.

O’Connell added that at this point the resolution does not tie the town to a monetary or participatory obligation. The board unanimously passed the resolution with Councilman Wayne Ashley absent.

“Whether it gets to us in seven years has yet to be seen. Seven years is a long time,” Seegert said.

The board also authorized $1,100 to be spent on an aluminum one-sided sign for the King Road Bicentennial Park from Hae Jude Signs. Councilman Kenneth Cross said he could not find a lower quote and the highway department will install the sign.

O’Connell said the dog waste bag dispenser is on back order and the town will have to wait to install it at the jetty. The board reminded residents and visitors to pick up after their pets, as well as obey the town’s leash, parking and open container laws.

“You can’t do these things in Buffalo – you can’t walk down the street with a beer or let your dog loose – it is the same when they come here,” Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo said.

The town was in court on July 1 for the lawsuit by Stewart Avenue residents for the town not maintaining the private road after doing so for a long time. Johnson said he had no comment because the matter has not yet been settled in court.

The town is planning a meeting with the sheriff’s and an open house of the wastewater plant for residents next month.

The town board will next meet July 22. The planning board will meet Monday at 7 p.m. and the zoning board of appeals on July 16 at 7:30 p.m. for a workshop.