Riding high with business

Is there something in the water in Sheridan?

In less than six months, five businesses set up shop in the town. Some of those businesses have relocated from elsewhere while others are looking to start on a big venture. These shops include Creation Station, Cotton Drilling Co., Inc., Nulife Glass New York, Inc., Dunkirk Metal Products of Western New York, LLC and H. Olsen & Sons Contractors, Inc.

Large or small does not matter anymore in this region. If a business is starting, the community needs to embrace it.

“Small towns, unlike big government, don’t require these businesses to jump through all these hurdles,” Town Supervisor Louis Delmonte said in an OBSERVER interview last month. “I think we’re a little more accessible, a little more open to sit and discuss different things with them. We don’t want to discourage them, we want to come to town and stay in town. That’s the attitude you have to have.”

Small government, such as Sheridan, also has another advantage: lower taxes than neighboring villages and cities in Western New York.

Make no mistake area residents, while we may think it is penny wise to pay more in taxes for services, outsiders see us as pound foolish since we already make the top 10 list of highest taxing entities in the nation.