Assessor reappointed by Charlotte Town Board

SINCLAIRVILLE – The Town of Charlotte reappointed Kevin Oker-lund as its assessor after some discussion by members of the town board. Members wondered if many people complained about the assessor.

Town Supervisor Ken-neth Bochmann shook his head and said, “I don’t know why anyone in their lifetime would want to be an assessor.”

He said there were not as many appeals this year. He also said, “He (Okerlund) does listen to people more. Sometimes that’s all it takes.”

The board approved the reappointment without dissent.

Town Justice Jeffrey Crossley reported for the month of April, he had 29 new cases and closed 55 cases. For May he had 35 new cases and closed 41.

Crossley called the door to the court clerk’s office the “number one security issue” in the new courtroom area. Bochmann told him to get prices for the door including installation and bring it back to the board. Crossley agreed.

Highway Superinten-dent Mark LeBaron reported the “weather was not cooperating” and some of the items his department wanted to accomplish were behind due to rain. Items he mentioned that needed attention were ceiling patching, ditching and cutting, and mowing. He said half of the mowing was done.

Finally, Bochmann mentioned rates for Workers’ Compensation are up 13 percent and this would have to be budgeted.

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