VISIT: Still no plan for ‘high taxes’

He came. He promoted. Then left.

Trumpeting the “Start Up NY” initiative that offers tax-free incentives for companies that locate near State University locations, Gov. Andrew Cuomo received a warm Chautauqua County welcome at Jamestown Community College on Wednesday. In noting the initiative, Cuomo remarked about the lack of success in the upstate economy.

“We’ve literally been forcing people out because of our high taxes,” Cuomo said. “We just have to stop doing the negative. Just stop forcing people out with the high taxes. And, that’s what we’ll get with these zero tax areas.”

A lot of those “high taxes,” we remind readers, come from decisions made by boards of the many redundant local governments and schools – not Albany. Though a tax cap has been implemented, that does not reduce taxes or spending by area entities. Instead, it allows for an annual increase.

Reducing the number of governments – and school districts – is one real solution to those high taxes.

But bringing in businesses that will not pay taxes for up to its first 10 years? That does not change the current high tax problem for current residents and businesses though it does reward some risk for newcomers.

In the game of politics, appearances are always more important than results. And while we are pleased that Gov. Cuomo paid our county a visit, his initiative looks as effective as tin foil on a dilapidated shack.

Nothing has been fixed.