Chautauqua County Society of Artists to hold annual show

MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Society of Artists will once again be holding its annual art show/sale “Art in the Park” at Mayville’s beautiful Lakeside Park this weekend. The members of the group as well as a few other local artisans will be displaying, selling and demonstrating their unique and original artwork. The hours for the show are today from 10 a..m to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The CCSA has a rich history dating back over two centuries. It began in 1888 with Roger Tory Peterson, his friend Ernst Anderson and a few others. They spent much time drawing and creating works of art. The group grew and in the early 1900s Catherine Holms organized the group called the Jamestown Sketch Club.

An article in the August 1934 issue of the Chautauquan Daily defined the club as “an organization that recognized the importance of art as an avocation in the era of readjustment to the increased leisure time created by the technological development of the last few decades.”

In 1936, Mrs. Stanley Weeks assisted the group in writing bylaws and a constitution then becoming the Chautauqua County Society of Artists. That also was the first year “Art in the Park” was held.

CCSA was the first group of its type to hold an outdoor show of original artist’s works. It was held in Dow Park behind the Prendergast Library. Many artists, too numerous to mention, have graced the society with their talent and dedication to perpetuating art and its appreciation. The Annual “Art in the Park” outdoor show is just a small testament to the never ending loyalty the group’s members share.

The mission statement of CCSA is The Chautauqua County Society of Artists is a dynamic group of artists bound together by the belief that the relationship between people, art, and environment express the vitality of a community and its culture. The group is dedicated to increasing community appreciation for the visual arts, continued improvement of individual artistic expression and offering fellowship with people of similar interests.

New members are always welcome to monthly meetings where there is always a lesson presented by a member or guest to enrich the artistic experience shared between members.

The CCSA is pleased to be able to offer free admission to “Art in the Park” making it pleasantly affordable to all! Artisans will be displaying everything from photography, pottery and handcrafted jewelry to oil, acrylic, watercolor and copper tooling, so there is something for everyone! Please join CCSA for a lovely day by the lake, you will be sure to enjoy what you see! For more information on the Chautauqua County Society of Artists, please view their web site