The good life is made of ice cream, friends and a good book

My life is like a soap opera without the sex! Thank goodness! Since I wrote my last column I’m another year older. I can’t even believe I’m still here! You, the readers, tell me I have more columns to write. I’ll do my best.

On Sunday my friend David stopped by to invite me to lunch. We went to Bob Evans. I’ve never seen such a busy place! We had to sign in in the waiting room. That was full too. Tell me if we are in a recession what are all these people doing eating out? You could have fooled me! Then I wanted David to taste the ice cream from the new ice cream place in the Russo building. It was a great place to go for dessert. I really enjoyed the day. I get tired of talking about washing clothes, scrubbing floors and all that good stuff women talk about. Thank God men have different conversations.

Then on Wednesday after prayer meeting I went to the concert in the park. I wondered if there would be anybody there I knew. Last year Carolyn Patton, my sister Jo and I used to get together with Dick Saden. Now this year Carolyn is in Pennsylvania with her son, my sister can’t walk far, and I’m still kicking, but not too high! Praise the Lord, Dick Saden was there and he went and got a chair for me. There were quite a few people there, but I didn’t know too many of them. When the music was over, Dick asked me if I’d like some ice cream. Of course! I had to introduce him to the new ice cream man in the Russo building. I’m just so happy to have been there and have seen all that attractive merchandise in the building! We’ve got to think positively and encourage one another.

While we were munching on our cones I ran into Debbie who went on one of our Italian tours with us. I remember her and her mother. She’s a baker. I had never met her husband, Frank, before. Just think, I’ve been to Italy ten times. It’s the favorite place for travelers. I was very impressed with Asia Minor, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong too. I wish we could be as clean as those people. Just think of all the places I’ve been to. And to think I came from an immigrant family, but we learned how to spend wisely, not to use foolishly and how to save constantly even if it was a small amount. The earlier you start these good habits, the better your life will be.

Then in last week’s column I asked for help with our project to bring more tourists here and even let people see how great it would be to winter down South and summer in Chautauqua County. But nobody called. I can still think, visualize, organize, but I don’t have the health to do the leg work. How many times have I said, “A leader is only as good as his or her followers?” I’m no good without you. Here’s an idea for you. I was reading about a talent show they are going to have at the other end of our county. It mentioned where all the contestants were coming from and none of them came from our end of the county. If it’s so successful over there why can’t we have one in our area? We have plenty of talented people. Why not go one step further and have a “play off” between the top three contestants in each group? We need leadership from talented teachers and performers. We need vision, courage, and energy. Are you up for it or are you chicken? You decide.

The last big thing that happened to me this week was a visit from John and Rhonda Elliot. We have been friends for years and I never knew she was a writer. She gave me a copy of her book as a birthday gift. It was published last year. I started reading it yesterday and I couldn’t put it down. Next week I’ll tell you about the book. If you want it now call Rhonda at 679-7349. She may have some on hand or she’ll tell you how to get it.

Have a great life. I think I’ll sign off with this message from now on and hope you’ll pass it on.

Margaret Valone is a Fredonia resident. Send comments on this column to