Some at college have wrong view on plant


I am very concerned about outside agitation from this college that our tax dollars pay for in relation to the NRG plant.

My first question is why is this college and its professors getting involved in our local problems that have nothing to do with the curriculum of this college? The professors have taken it upon themselves to inform their students at their classes to discriminate against the NRG power facility. They have decided to discriminate against the livelihood of this county. What they don’t realize is that taxpayers from this area support this college and the payroll of its professors and the dean.

If this discrimination does not stop, this college and those professors who are involved in this discrimination will be sued by the good people who live here. We have had enough of liberal professors who spread gossip and propaganda. Enough is enough. The dean of this college better get involved and earn the taxpayers’ money.

We are not going to tolerate this liberal talk any longer.