Collins Town Board members discuss LKPCC project

COLLINS – Summer projects at the L.K. Painter Community Center are taking shape, but costs are coming in higher than estimated. Supervisor David Tessmer announced the project’s progress during a recent board meeting.

The original project was estimated at $160,000 using funds from the Community Development Block Grant application submitted by the town.

The town applied for a generator and other improvements made to the center’s exterior. With a generator, windows and masonry work included, the work has gone over $228,700. All the bids have come in higher than expected, according to Tessmer.

“I’m frustrated,” Tessmer said in regard to bids coming in over budget.

Tessmer said the town can eliminate portions of the project and still be eligible for CDBG funds as long as the town pays 25 percent of the cost. Currently there is over $606,000 in the unassigned fund balance and the town would decrease to 58 percent of that amount if the project would go forward as is.

One option the town has is to eliminate the generator, which costs $43,432. Then the town would have to pay $85,000 as the town’s share. This amount would leave 63 percent of the fund balance left.

Another option the town has would to do administrative tasks and inspections, normally included in the bid package, itself to decrease costs. Tessmer said he is leery of the decision to do them in-house. The cost of the administration will be $9,650 and inspection costs will be $6,700.

“That part does scare me,” he said.

After discussion, the town board decided not to make any further action on the matter. Tessmer said he would like to wait and see if the CDBG funds come through.

He mentioned the windows bid will expire after the next meeting and the town has already accepted the bid for electrical work. The town board will discuss the matter at its next board meeting.

The town also approved to purchase a cargo van on state bid and trade in a pickup truck for the price of $22,090.70.

The town approved the hiring of beautification workers and summer recreation counselors and appointed Jeanne Ebersole, assessor, for a 6-year term.

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