Successful cleanup event held in Brocton

BROCTON – Brocton got spruced up during a NeighborWorks Week community event which culminated on June 8. Sponsored by CHRIC, the event was centered around Brocton this month, and CHRIC representatives and community volunteers spent the day pitching in toward community cleanup.

During the event, community volunteers and students from Brocton Central School’s Interact Club worked on several cleanup projects downtown. CHRIC and the Broc-ton/Portland community were instrumental in the refurbishment and restoration of Brocton’s four corner arch.

In other matters, Village Clerk Karen Ardillo noted that with the recent resignation of Charles Burton from the Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman position, a vacancy remains on the board for a community volunteer to serve. Anyone interested in serving the Brocton/Portland community in the capacity of a Zoning Board member may contact either Town of Portland Clerk Roxane Sobecki or Karen Ardillo at their municipal offices to find out more about the position.

Mayor Dave Hazelton thanked Burton for his numerous years of service, and noted he will leave a large void in the functions of the zoning board process.

The mayor also acknowledged Village Electric Lineman Joe Majkowski and Streets Crew Member Frank Cole for their hard work at readying the arch. Majkowski reported to the board that work is progressing on getting the arch relighted and putting the finishing pieces together for its completion. Majkowski also presented a quote from Jamestown Electric Supply, Inc. for LED lighting to light the village office’s new sign in the amount of $545.34. The board approved the purchase of the lighting that will be placed to better illuminate the signage in front of the office.

June 17 was officially proclaimed Wilma Zimmerman Day in the Village of Brocton by the mayor in honor of the village’s centenarian. Trustee Art Donovan added congratulations to Zimmerman and invited board members to a June 22-23 Open House honoring her 100th birthday at the Fellowship Church in Brocton.

Hazelton updated the board about changes to the approved silencing of the Brocton Fire Department’s whistle during overnight calls. While the board approved its silencing at a previous board meeting, Hazelton has still been receiving community feedback that it continues to sound during overnight hours.

“After speaking to County Emergency Services Director, Julius Leone, I was informed that the county is concerned that due to human error, calls may not be responded to in an expedient fashion,” stated the mayor.

Brocton Fire Chief Brian Woleben noted that he and the department are still investigating options to resolve the issue, which may involve having the entire system reprogrammed to stave off overnight horns.

The board authorized the mayor’s signature on an agreed upon contract with Baghat-Laurito/Baghat for financial accounting services for fiscal year ending May 31, 2014.

The Village Clerk happily reported to the board that a total of 48 youth were successfully signed up for the Summer Youth Recreation program to be held in Westfield this year before the program’s registration cut-off date. Youth will be bused from Brocton to Westfield to take part in recreation activities while building improvements continue at Brocton Central School.