Can you believe the politics?

It a strange world we’re living in, my friends. This is a world where up is down and cold is hot and hate is love, all depending on what day of the week or who’s making the definitions at the time or what political party they claim to believe in.

The Internal Revenue Service is under fire for targeting Tea Party organizations that were filing for tax-exempt status. The fact that there was a sudden and large-scale increase in applications for tax-exempt charities from only right-wing organizations once it became legal for them to make campaign contributions had nothing to do with any of the increased attention by the IRS. (Bridges for sale, anyone?)

This was clearly a biased and partisan harassment and abuse of power by the IRS. The Tea Party and Conservatives responsible for formation of these groups were as innocent of political motivation as could be! (Swampland is available for development as well)) I might add that the IRS manager responsible for this “scandal” is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN! That does sort of confuse the situation. But, the right wing is up in arms over tactics they practically invented, and it is occurring under a liberal president who promised an open government.

Then we have a revelation that under President Obama, a covert surveillance was occurring of people’s phone calls. Not a tape of the call, but a record of who was being called. Many calls to Yemen or Iran or wherever would be then subject to a warrant for an actual phone tap. As it turns out, this was and is all completely legal under passages in the Homeland Security Act. But it’s occurring under a president who ran with a pledge to have a more open government, yet has engaged in more of what used to worry the left wing than what the right wing was doing. And now, the right wing politicians are making the most noise about these events, even though it was their guy and his supporters who shoved that bill down everyone’s throats under fear of being labeled unpatriotic.

When that bill was passed, approximately 57 percent of Democrats were against it. Now, almost that many are in favor of it! Are you confused? I am, confused and shocked because as I type this Dick Cheney, the devil to the left wing, is defending the president’s use of this surveillance. Dick Cheney!? Wow!

And how about that Eric Holder, a Democratically appointed attorney general, a supposed supporter of a supposedly liberal president. First, he’s in the middle of a huge increase in enforcement of federal laws against marijuana, actively threatening and even raiding state legal medical marijuana growers and sellers, (President Bush pretty much took an attitude of “benign neglect” on that issue) then he gets caught on a gigantic fishing expedition of several major news organizations, especially AP! Does any of this sound like liberal behavior to you? And once again, the result is a total roar of outrage over these events from the right wing, a group notoriously against any news organization other than Fox News, and guilty of disparaging Freedom of the Press at every turn, even on occasion jailing reporters for refusing to expose their sources.

On top of it, he gets embroiled in a tempest over remarks that it was legal to assassinate American citizens. This is a liberal!? And our liberal president has supported everything Holder has done! Is Washington somehow falling into the old “Twilight Zone?” I swear, just before the evening news reports on television, I can hear Rod Serling’s voice.

Nothing, not one single event has been as portrayed or expected from any of the participating parties. John McCain is pushing to aid rebels in Syria, yet these rebels are clearly aligned with the sort of Arabs we’re killing with drones. Isn’t that sort of what we did with both Saddam Hussein and Iran, and Osama Bin Laden and Russia? Those decisions wound up embroiling us in two wars and basically bankrupting the country.

So now President Obama has decided to give arms to the rebels in Syria, the same president who got involved in Libya’s internal problems and then caught hell for the embassy in Benghazi being raided, costing the lives of several embassy staffers, by, you guessed it, some of those radical elements who were aligned with the rebels in Libya.

OK, maybe it’s not “The Twilight Zone,” maybe we’re into “Outer Limits” territory here. The main point is, once again, the left and right have switched places in what and who they’re supporting.

What exactly is somebody to think when the same people who repeatedly blame any and all gun issues on criminals with guns, then vote against stiffer background checks and sales restriction that could have ensured that those criminals have a much harder time getting their hands on guns? Once again I’m a bit confused, as are many others I talk to who are starting to ask whether the differences between any of our elected officials is real or not, or just a public position taken for votes.

You don’t think that’s possible, do you, that none of our elected representatives really believe in anything other than what needs to be said to get elected in certain districts? Could that be? Is it possible that under the cover of The Capitol roof, so-called liberals and conservatives are laughing over coffee and lunch, sitting at the same tables, and spending the money of the same lobbyists? Is it really that corrupt?

I’m seriously thinking that any and all of us blindly supporting one major party over another, supporting the policies of one major party or another, are actually doing nothing but perpetuating a well-played Washington game. Well, that or we have now entered another Dimension, a Dimension ofdoodododo, dodododo

Paul Christopher is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to