Pine Valley takes care of regular business

SOUTH DAYTON – An employee recognition and attendance review were the topics of discussion at the recent board of education meeting.

Tom Mansfield, who has worked in the district for 12 years in buildings and grounds, is retiring. The board of education presented Mansfield with a plaque for his dedication and service to the district. High School Principal Cathy Fabiatos said the staff in the high school office will have a boring summer without Mansfield. Fabiatos said that numerous times the staff has come into the office during summer, Mansfield would be sitting under desks and even on top of the file cabinets and was always good for a laugh.

“Thank you staff, teachers and students for everything,” Mansfield said.

Fabiatos, along with Elementary Principal Scott Burdick, gave an update on the school’s attendance over the past school year. Fabiatos said the middle and high schools attendance has increased.

“We definitely have gone up in little increments,” she said.

She said the middle and high school has seen a decreased number in students being tardy and unexcused absences, not having a written note, over the past year. Fabiatos said the students know they are being tracked by the district for attendance.

The elementary school saw 30 students fewer starting this September including 10 less students in pre-k, according to Burdick. Overall attendance was down about 3 percent. Burdick said that there may have been some factors that may have impacted the report but not significantly. This year’s attendance report was run a few days earlier in June than the previous year and there was a stomach virus that went around the school. Both could have affected the attendance report, Burdick said.

The board also received an update for the bids for the LED lighting for the building project which came in under budget by $12,000. The lights will be efficient and save energy, Superintendent Pete Morgante said. The lights will be used outside the building and in the parking lots of the district. The district also decided against having an internal audit for the district. The district also appointed Clark Patterson Lee to provide architectural and engineering services for the capital improvement project, approved Jerry Williams as clerk of works for the capital improvement project and approved a three-year agreement for the foster grandparent program.

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