Johnson joins Cuomo’s efforts to ‘Start-Up NY’ and Chautauqua County

JAMESTOWN – Fredo-nia businessman Ron John-son, candidate for Chautau-qua County Executive, joined Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Jamestown Wednesday to kick off the state’s “Start-Up NY” economic plan.

The plan will bring tax-free development zones to SUNY Fredonia and Jamestown Community College campuses.

“This only works if Chautauqua County government gets behind our two colleges to make this work,” Johnson said. “A Ron Johnson administration will be about jobs and I will be working hand-in-hand with our governor to bring jobs to our two college campuses.

“We are uniquely situated as New York’s ‘western door’ to take full advantage of hosting corporations seeking to expand from the west,” Johnson said. “Our two college campuses puts our small county in the driver’s seat for New York’s new economic development tool.”

Johnson states his goal is for both county and local governments to work closely with SUNY Fredonia and JCC campuses to develop new tax free zones for companies and to bring new jobs to Chautauqua County.

“The major knock on economic development has been that New York State’s taxes are too high. The state has now decided to allow some new, tax-free zones for companies to locate on our SUNY Fredonia and JCC campuses. Chautauqua County needs to grab this opportunity and run with it,” Johnson declared. “As County Executive, I will work every day to create an environment in Chautauqua County that fosters economic growth and good jobs for our residents,” Johnson said.

“Start-Up NY” will allow companies that are located on our college campuses exemptions from a wide variety of state taxes for 10 years.

“We in Chautauqua County must work closely with the Governor and our State Legislators to make sure Chautauqua County gains as many new jobs from ‘Start-Up NY’ as we possibly can,” Johnson said.