Perrysburg given a water update

PERRYSBURG – The water treatment plant in the town of Perrysburg is moving along. Jake Alianello of Alianello Engineering gave an update at the monthly board meeting saying construction started about two weeks ago.

“Work is progressing well,” he said. “They’re a little ahead of schedule.”

Water Superintendent Robin Clark has been at the site daily helping the contractors with construction. According to Alianello, since the site has been worked on numerous times in past years there is debris underground. Clark has been called in to determine if the debris buried should remain or be removed.

Clark also discussed the town’s small reservoir. Clark said the town is thinking about draining the small reservoir and not putting it out of use.

“We’re keeping both going (currently). We were going to drain one, clean it and (rotate),” Clark said.

The reservoir, which holds 500,000 gallons, sits with stagnant water while the larger reservoir, which holds 1 million gallons, is used more frequently. Clark said the town was going to rotate between draining the tanks and cleaning them, but the town can clean the reservoir tanks without draining the water by a diver. Alianello said the town has to weigh its options before deciding what to do with the small reservoir. No formal action was taken in regard to the reservoir.

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