Good, bad coming in health care


To paraphrase the great song by the Temptations, “Ball of confusion … that’s what the ACA is today … “

Yes, it’s true. The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” is confusing to everyone involved in it, and it seems to be getting murkier lately, what with the announcement that the employee mandate has been staved off for a year.

Is the individual mandate next? Not likely. Was the move by the administration to delay the employee mandate legal, given the deadline was set by Congress? We don’t know that answer. How effective will the insurance exchanges be when they open for business Oct. 1? We’ll have to see.

But we are staying on top of the ACA and its Rubik’s Cube of permutations and possible outcomes. From our perspective, we’ll tell you the good – yes, there is a bunch of good. The bad – the delays will cost consumers access and health-care providers and the federal government untold dollars. And the ugly – where are all these primary care physicians going to come from?

Stay tuned. We’ve never had anything like this before in the history of the United States … it should be quite a ride!



Western New York Healthcare Association