Senior Lounge provides solace at festival

SHERMAN – The Great Blue Heron Music Festival has been a source of lively music, dance, workshops and fun for 22 years. There is a huge Teen Tent and a Kid’s Tent which offer age- appropriate activities for youngsters. This year a new feature was added for the comfort and enjoyment of seniors, the Silver Lounge. Its purpose was to offer a special place where seniors could congregate and to emphasize the family aspects of the festival.

The idea was sparked by Diane Clark and Bill Moran, and festival director Julie Rockcastle was glad to make sure it happened. The Silver Lounge was a 20×10 tent with a supreme view of the main stage and close proximity to the restrooms. In this setting conversations were sparked by current newspapers, puzzles, game, and assorted items of past vintage such as magazines and 45 records.

The Silver Lounge, with its quiet atmosphere and rocking chairs, became a refuge for nursing mothers. Grandparents got to use their soothing skills on youngsters during a thunderstorm. Many knitters were attracted to the lounge and the Women 4 Women /Knitting 4 Peace Project got a big boost. Children from the Kid’s Tent brought elders homemade gifts of fans and crowns and the Teen Tent offered opportunities to make tie-dyed shirts.

Because the festival grounds are extensive, the Silver Lounge offered sight-seeing tours in a six passenger shuttle cart. Visiting the beach, the drumming circle, or looking over the rolling hills of Western New York, dotted by Amish farms, were highlights of the tours.