Brocton Board of Education changes day of meetings

BROCTON – Residents of the Brocton School district are used to the school board meeting on Thursday. This year, there will be a change.

At their reorganizational meeting, board members agreed to a schedule of meetings that are mostly Wednesdays. The meetings for the coming year are July 31, Aug. 21, Sept. 4, Sept. 18, Oct. 2, Oct. 16, Nov. 6, Dec. 4 and Dec. 18 in 2013 and Jan. 15, Feb. 5, and March 5, March 19, April 9, May 7, May 13 (annual meeting), May 20 (vote), May 21, June 4, and June 18, 2014.

Board member Mike Riforgiato said he pushed for the change because his children play ball on Thursdays and he doesn’t want to miss their games.

Superintendent John Hertlein commented, “We encourage board members to attend as many school events as possible. There are more school events on Thursday than on Wednesday so this is a good move.”

District Clerk Linda Miller administered the oath of office to new board members Beth Jagoda and Robert Mead-Colegrove.

Doug Walter was elected board president, Mike Riforgiato first vice-president and Todd McFadden second vice-president.

The board approved the following appointments: Linda Miller, district clerk with a stipend of $1,811; Betty DeLand, district treasurer with a stipend of $8,864; Tax collectors (DeLand, Janes, Ressler, and Miller) $1,000 each.

By separate resolution, the board approved the following: Dr. Timothy Gorman of Westfield Family Physicians as school doctor; Robin Shain as attendance officer ($600); Betty DeLand as purchasing agent; Hodgson Russ LLP as school attorney; high school principal as chief faculty advisor Title IX NCAA compliance officer; Slone-Melhuish Agency, Jamestown (Randy Graham/Fred Gould) as insurance consultant; Linda Janes as Deputy District Clerk at a per diem rate; Betty DeLand as Fuel Depot Administrator ($1,500) and Records Administrator Officer ($1,500); Art Miller, Sr. as AHERA (Asbestors Hazardous Emergency Response Act) Local Education Agency, and pesticides designee; the Director of Special Education as Title IX 504/ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Compliance Officer; Carolyn Kowalewski as Internal Claims Auditor ($25 per hour); high school principal as middle/high school “Dignity for All” coordinator; elementary principal as elementary “Dignity for All” coordinator.

Board member Steve Smith cast the only nay vote on both resolutions. After the meeting was adjourned he explained that for the first resolution, he thought the district did not need so many tax collectors. For the second resolution he felt that there should be no stipend for taking attendance.

Designations approved were: Community Bank of Brocton, N.Y. and J.P. Morgan Chase as depositories and the OBSERVER of Dunkirk and/or the Post Journal of Jamestown as official newspapers.

The following authorizations were approved by the board: person to certify payroll, Superintendent Hertlein and DeLand in his absence; petty cash funds of $200, Linda Miller or Hertlein in her absence; Signature on checks, DeLand and Hertlein as deputy; Authorized use of check signing device, Deland and Hertlein in her absence; budget transfers, DeLand authorized to approve transfers of $5,000 or less upon Hertlein’s approval; and investment of idle funds, DeLand authorized to invest in idle funds in commercial banks duly authorized to do business in New York state.

School policies in effect during the previous school year were adopted for the current school year. Miller sent board members an updated electronic copy.

The board established the mileage rate for 2013-2014 as the current IRS rate.

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